Stopping Coaching: Cancellation Policy

A time may come when you intend to stop receiving coaching from us, either out or preference or necessity. In such cases, we ask that you respect our cancellation policy below in order to prevent any confusion or issues.

  1. Please give your coach one month’s notice (or more) that you will be stopping coaching.
  2. Send this notification via email to your coach’s Sigma Nutrition email address. This allows us to have a clear record of your intention to finish coaching.
  3. There are no refunds on payments that you have already made. Except in the case of an error on our end (e.g. where you were charged despite emailing us your one month’s notice to cancel).
  4. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. loss of job, financial issues, etc.), where you cannot give one month’s notice, we will do everything we can to accomodate this.
  5. On finishing coaching with us, your coach may ask for some feedback about your experience. Completely honest feedback is much appreciated if you can take the time to give some.