SNR #154: Jeff Rothschild, RD – Intermittent Fasting, Time-Restricted Feeding & Circadian Biology

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Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadShare this episode on Facebook Episode 154: Jeff Rothschild discusses the science and application of fasting protocols, meal timing, time-restricted feeding and their effects on circadian rhythms and health. Get the podcast on iTunes (iOS) Get the podcast on Stitcher (Android app) Get podcast RSS feed Click Here to Get Podcast Transcripts  Guest Bio Jeff Rothschild, MSc., RD Jeff Rothschild is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science. He works with a variety of clients including elite ATP and NCAA tennis players, endurance athletes, boxers, swimmers, and a number of touring musicians … Read More

How Do You Avoid Overeating (Without Counting Calories)?

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So if we inherently know that “over-eating is what causes fat gain” then the solution should be pretty straight forward: “Stop eating so much and you’ll lose fat”. Which is 100% true. If you eat at a caloric intake that puts you into a calorie deficit (i.e. the energy you consume is less than that you expend) then you’re bodyweight will drop. But the problem with that statement (apart from it being as blunt as a hammer) is that it gives nothing in the way of actionable advice. It never gets at the underlying cause. It never gets us to stop and … Read More

What’s the ROI of Your Nutrition Choices?

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I did a few more classes but soon had to move away due to a college work placement so it wouldn’t be until September of that year until I could return to Fergal’s classes. I then became obsessed. Not just with thinking about BJJ but with the pursuit of improving. The milestone I set was my blue belt. In order to improve to that point it should be pretty obvious that it would take time, consistency and taking constant actions. With each action just leading to a small incremental change. But when you add up the cumulative result of all … Read More

Making the Cut, Part I: The Fundamentals of Combat Sport Nutrition

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Below is Cian Cowley. Cian’s a pro Muay Thai fighter and came to me about his nutrition early in 2014, through his strength and conditioning coach Jason Kane. Now, a  few things to bear in mind: The guy is insanely talented. He was (and still is) on a winning streak and was already pretty damn lean. However, after digging into what Cian had been doing nutritionally up to this point, we needed to implement some extremely important changes into his diet. He had been falling into some of the same traps a lot of fighters out there are falling into. Over … Read More