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Powerlifting Content Archive

This is a collection of all powerlifting-related content put out by Sigma Nutrition. I will update it over time so feel free to bookmark and refer back to as resources are added.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 140 with 2015 IPF -93kg silver medalist Layne Norton. (show notes)

Episode 122 with IPF -83kg World Champion Brett Gibbs. (show notes)

Episode 79 with Eric Helms of 3DMJ on nutrition strategies for powerlifters. (show notes)

Episode 78 with powerlifter and world-record holder Greg Nuckols, founder of Strengtheory.com (show notes)

Episode 114 with -93kg USAPL lifter Ryan Doris of De Novo Nutrition. (show notes)

Episode 43 with Mike Israetel, PhD of Renaissance Periodization and Juggernaut Training Systems. (show notes)

Episode 115 with Dr. Quinn Henoch, physical therapist at Clinical Athlete and based at Juggernaut Training Systems HQ. (show notes)

Episode 109 with Ben Esgro of De Novo Nutrition. (show notes)



Finding Wisdom Under a Bar: Powerlifting as a Teacher & Tool for Development

Your Powerlifting Meet Preparation Checklist – Part 1

Are Quarter Squats Actually a Better Option For Athletes?


Recommended Books

Art & Science of Lifting – Greg Nuckols

Scientific Principles of Strength Training – Mike Israetel, James Hoffman & Chad Wesley Smith

Muscle & Strength Pyramids – Eric Helms

Starting Strength – Mark Rippetoe

All About Powerlifting – Tim Henriques