The Sigma Powerlifting Performance Coaching service is for raw powerlifters who want a comprehensive service to give them the optimal roadmap to achieving their best total on the platform.

Our powerlifting programming is overseen by Sigma head powerlifting coach & exercise scientist, Arthur Lynch. Arthur is an exercise physiology PhD researcher and international-level competitive lifter in the IPF. Arthur brings the perfect blend of scientific understanding of lifting performance and the experience

  • Weekly check-in via Skype or email with coach Arthur
  • Unlimited email access to your coach
  • Initial technique assessment and “weak points” analysis
  • Completely customized, “from scratch” programming, which is modified weekly
  • Long-term periodization (macrocycle) planning
  • Meet day strategy development: tapering, attempt selection, meet day game plan, etc.
  • Personalized weight cutting strategies, if appropriate
  • Access to monthly guest workshops from experts in training, nutrition, sports psychology & physical therapy

Arthur Lynch – Head of Sigma Powerlifting Program

  • PhD candidate in muscle physiology
  • Lifetime drug-free powerlifter
  • Represented Ireland at 2016 IPF World Championships in u-93kg open class
  • Best lifts in competition: 262.5 kg squat, 180 kg bench, 307.5 kg deadlift (all raw) @ -93 kg weight class

Client Testimonials

  • Darragh Mulcahy, 83 kg IPF lifter

    “Arthur has been my coach for almost 18 months now and I can not speak highly enough of him.. his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport is unmatched in my experience.

    My squat has increased by over 50kg, bench by 25kg and deadlift by almost 60kg. With only a year of specific powerlifting training I competed in the IPF Nationals in February 2018.

    I regard Arthur’s coaching and programming as the main reason for this. He puts great time into the Individuality of a training programme that most coaches miss.

    His system is a gradual increase in strength which provides a more long term approach and in general healthier and happier powerlifters! From an accessibility point of view Arthur is quick to respond and no question is too silly to ask (I’ve regularly challenged this).

    I would highly recommend anyone who is starting their powerlifting journey or looking to excel in the sport to get in touch with Arthur.. all round great guy!”

  • David Nolan, 93kg

    “I never had a coach and always took care of my own programming. As a coach I thought it would be worth experiencing the clients perspective,and that it would be beneficial to let someone else take over my programming for a while and get a fresh, objective look at everything.

    Arthur’s style of coaching really suits my personality and we have worked together to drastically improve and refine technique (and my numbers) on all my lifts. You get from the coaching experience what you are willing to put into it. The more data and videos you supply, the better job he can do and is always happy to provide pragmatic and BS-free advice. I would happily recommend Arthur as a coach”

  • Graham Norton, National Level Lifter

    “I’ve been working with Arthur for just over a year and in that time he has helped me to add over 40kg to my total, qualify for two IrishPF national championships in two different weight classes and remain virtually injury free the whole time. As a coach, it was important for when looking to get someone to coach me, that they had a lot of knowledge, but also practical experience and Arthur has both of those in abundance. I don’t believe I would have progressed as much as I have without Arthur’s coaching and guidance.”

  • Adam Keane, IrishPF -83kg National Champion 2017

    “I have been working with Arthur for almost 2 years now. In that time I have seen great results across all of my lifts. His combination of experience and evidence based techniques are ideal for all levels of lifter. In 18 months I added almost 100kg to my total and have also seen great improvements in my body composition Not only is Arthur an excellent coach, he is a very easy going person making the coach to client relationship very relaxed and natural. He also looks like Hugh Jackman and it’s gas”

  • Sarah Flynn, Competitive Powerlifter

    “I had previously been coached within my club but had moved gyms so I was new to online coaching.

    We kept things simple on the lead up to Nationals in July and then I began a full programme on the run up to a meet in December.

    Arthur was great to teach cue’s for lifts and we also worked on confidence and mindset. My meet in December was the best I’d ever felt. Thanks to a great programme I was confident and well prepared. I added 15kg to my total in the 7 months with Arthur. He has great attention to detail and kept me calm on the day of competition. Arthur is a highly skilled coach and powerlifter and I cannot recommend him enough.”

  • Callum McCormack

    “I have been receiving coaching and programming from Arthur for over a year now. He has helped me gain strength and size, as well as improving my technique and knowledge of the sport of powerlifting. His programmes are carefully catered to my needs and abilities. He is also accommodating of any suggestions I have for the programmes. Any questions I have are swiftly and coherently answered. He makes competitions stress free. Attempt selections are as close to perfect as you can get, which gives you confidence and allows to focus completely on your lifts.”

  • Nigel Pearson, Pearson Fitness & Performance

    “I’m an experienced lifter, with about 3 years of lifting under my belt and in recent times had hit a point where I just wasn’t happy with my rate of progress. I reached out to Arthur as I had noticed what his coaching was doing for others on social media. Arthur took me under his wing and in the short few months we have been working together I have smashed through them plateaus, hitting personal bests in all 3 of the powerlifting movements. He is very engaging with his clients with check ups and helps keep me motivated. I couldn’t recommend a better coach!”

  • John Donovan, Competitive Powerlifter

    “I’ve been training under Arthur for almost a year and Iʼm only getting better with each training cycle. I compete in Powerlifting though I mainly just love the process of the training involved. I find that I train harder, do more work, and enjoy training more when I have someone writing my program.

    Arthur is critical of execution and I appreciate that as my technique has improved greatly as a result. He is responsive and accommodating as a coach. The more we have worked together, the more effective the programming has become. Heʼs great at spotting strengths and weaknesses, and addressing them. Programming is, above all, varied and fun!

    I like Arthurs focus on accessories as I donʼt enjoy doing 3 hours of SBD. If I have any issues or problems with any of the work prescribed, Arthur will adjust something accordingly. I personally donʼt want to worry about training/programming or let it take up any extra time outside of gym hours. So I prefer to put that into Arthur’s hands. That lets me just walk in, open my plan, tune out and hit the lifts.

    Another huge thing for me is having a great coach and handler for the days I actually compete. I am a very low stress person though I canʼt help but worry about competing. No matter how prepared I may be, I often cannot enjoy the day. In that regard, its great to have someone who knows you well entering your attempts and looking after you.

    I’m happier than ever with my strength, technique, and even my physical appearance. I know Arthur has my best interests in mind and I couldnʼt recommend him more. He also has magical quads.”

Online Powelifting Coaching


Per Week
  • customized program design
  • Meet day strategy development
  • Video technique assessment
  • Access to Expert Workshops
  • Submit Questions to Coach Directly
  • Weekly Skype Call with coach
  • Unlimited Email Access to Coach

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