Sigma Powerlifting Performance Coaching

The Sigma Powerlifting Performance Coaching service is for raw powerlifters who want a comprehensive service to give them the optimal roadmap to achieving their best total on the platform.

Our powerlifting programming is overseen by exercise physiology PhD researcher and international-level IPF lifter, Arthur Lynch.

Our raw powerlifting coaching service includes:

  • Initial technique assessment and “weak points” analysis
  • Completely customized, “from scratch” programming, which is tailored and modified weekly by your coach
  • Long-term periodization (macrocycle) planning
  • Meet day strategy development: tapering, attempt selection, how to modify on the day, etc.
  • Option for nutrition coaching add-on
  • Unlimited email access to your coach plus weekly check-ins and form checks
  • Personalized weight cutting strategies, if appropriate
  • Evidence-based protocol – All our recommendations and strategies are based on peer-reviewed scientific research. No broscience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the application process work?

A. If you meet the above eligibility criteria then fill out the the application form above on this page. When we receive your application, one of the coaching team will contact you, where we will go through your application and discuss what we feel would be the optimal plan of action for you. If both parties are happy and we have a coaching spot available, you will be offered a spot on the coaching roster, which you can secure by making payment within 48 hours.

Q. How much is coaching with Sigma Nutrition?

A. When you make a successful application and set up a call with your prospective coach, only then will we discuss coaching fees. The reason for this is simple. It stops you “window shopping” and potentially falling into the trap of settling for a coach based on price. We only want to work with people who choose Sigma Nutrition & Performance because they know we are the best choice for them, will deliver the best service and get them the exact results they want. If you are looking for the cheapest option, or cost is more of a priority than results, then we’re likely not for you.