Coaching Packages

We offer the option of 2 potential packages:

  1. Nutrition Coaching – analysis of current diet, goal setting, nutrition plan (modified weekly or as needed), periodized long-term plan for several phases, food options, practical guidelines to hit targets,
  2. Strength & Conditioning Coaching + Nutrition Coaching  – Everything from package 1 above, PLUS: a custom training program (modified weekly), technique analysis, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you submit an application to work with us, please ensure you fit the following criteria:

  1. You are not looking for a quick fix or one-off meal plan. We work with people looking for massive results, which come through excellent coach-client relationships that develop over time.
  2. You are not looking for a “cheap” or “budget” coaching. That isn’t us. When it comes to coaching, you get exactly what you pay for. I truly believe Sigma Nutrition coaching is world-class.
  3. You are not a nutrition “newbie”. I have no problem with people who are new to learning about nutrition and are just getting started but that’s just not where our system can offer most value.  There are others who can help you. If you don’t know what carbs and protein are, we’re not for you.
  4. You are not looking for medical advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m not an endocrinologist. If you want specific medical advice for a clinical condition, then please consult a specialist.
  5. You have experience tracking your food intake on an app like My Fitness Pal (or are willing to do so for a certain period).

How To Apply

Apply below and if you’re deemed a good fit for coaching with Sigma Nutrition you’ll be contacted to discuss your goals in more detail with a coach.

If we’re all happy, you’ll be offered a coaching spot. In the event our client roster is fully booked, you’ll be placed on a waiting list and contacted when a space is free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are the coaches?

A. We have the perfect mix of science and experience in our coaching team. We collectively have qualifications spanning MSc. in nutritional sciences, PhD research in muscle physiology, NASM and endless other strength & conditioning and nutrition certs. But on top of that we’ve worked with clients for thousands of hours, encountering almost every type of scenario you can think of. To see details of our coaching team, go here: Sigma Nutrition Coaches.


Q. What will the coaching help me with?

A. On becoming part of Team Sigma, we can help you with any of the below factors you wish, depending on your goals:

  • Nutrition Periodization – We design long-term periodization nutrition strategies that fit in line with your training program and/or competition dates
  • Strength Training & Powerlifting Programming – Personalized training programs designed specifically for you, which are updated weekly by your coach
  • Weight Cutting – We develop personalized, science-based weight cutting strategies for athletes who need to make weight for MMA, boxing, powerlifting or weightlifting.
  • Evidence-Based Advice – All our recommendations and strategies are based on peer-reviewed scientific research and an understanding of the overall body of evidence. No pseduoscience. No broscience. No quackery.
  • Accountability – Perhaps most importantly of all, we are an objective voice to call you out on your actions, guide you along and keep you accountable to the plan of action. If you know what you should be doing but can never seem to get it done in the long-term, it’s likely that accountability is what you need.


Q. Who is the Sigma Nutrition & Performance coaching for?

A. It’s probably best to start who we DON’T work with. We do not cater for complete beginners or those just trying to get a bit healthier. Others can help you with that, it’s just not what we do. We work with people who are looking to take a science-based approach to superior body composition or performance.

So that means you should know what macronutrients are, are willing to track your intake on My Fitness Pal, already know how to complete the main compound lifts.

We also do specific prep for peaking and making weight for powerlifting meets, MMA fights and other weight-class based sport events.


Q. Who have you worked with?

A. We’ve worked with clients all over the world including Ireland, the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Spain and Denmark. This client base has spanned various different types of people; from elite level athletes winning world championships to dedicated people who want to get in awesome shape and all the way to people who want help with health complaints like IBS, bloating, poor blood markers, etc.


Q. How does the application process work?

A. If you meet the above eligibility criteria then fill out the the application form above on this page. When we receive your application, one of the coaching team will contact you, where we will go through your application and discuss what we feel would be the optimal plan of action for you. If both parties are happy and we have a coaching spot available, you will be offered a spot on the coaching roster, which you can secure by making payment within 48 hours.


Q. Which package should I select?

A. This is entirely up to you and what you need. If you’ve got a solid training plan or train as part of a team already, then the nutrition-only option may be for you. Similarly, if your nutrition is sound but you need some elite-level powerlifting programming, then the powerlifting option is a good choice. However, for us to guarantee you the best possible results, taking the option of combined nutrition and training coaching is likely the best option.


Q. How much is coaching with Sigma Nutrition?

A. When you make a successful application and set up a call with your prospective coach, only then will we discuss coaching fees. The reason for this is simple. It stops you “window shopping” and potentially falling into the trap of settling for a coach based on price. We only want to work with people who choose Sigma Nutrition & Performance because they know we are the best choice for them, will deliver the best service and get them the exact results they want. If you are looking for the cheapest option, or cost is more of a priority than results, then we’re likely not for you.


Q. Can I just do a one-off consultation, Q&A call or strategy session?

A. For those who are not looking for coaching but just have a list of questions you’d like answered or to discuss a specific set of topics, then you can do individual Skype strategy calls with a member of the team. Full details are here:


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