SNR #71: Richard Lovatt – EPIC Fitness Summit Review

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SNR #71: Richard Lovatt – EPIC Fitness Summit Review

Episode 71: A review of the EPIC Fitness Summit with creator Richard Lovatt.

SNR #71

(Edit: I know I said I was going to do a review of the presentations here but change of plan. I’ll do it in a separate upcoming blog post. Sorry!)



Guest Bio

Richard Lovatt 


Richard is the creator of the EPIC Fitness Summit.

He also owns his own successful nutritional consultancy business, is the Editor for a fitness company called Physique Elite and a trainer & nutrition coach to Arjun Kapoor (a bollywood actor in Mumbai, India).

He’s currently in the middle of a MSc course at Bolton University for Strength & Conditioning and formerly worked as a nutrition coach at BodyType Nutrition

In this episode we discuss:

  • Richard’s background and how his philosophy on nutrition and training has evolved over the years.
  • How the idea of the EPIC Fitness Summit was conceptualized
  • What surprised Richard about the weekend
  • The ability to showcase the top UK-based nutrition expertise
  • Plans to make EFS ’16 even bigger and better!
  • The first major announcement for next year
  • How to reach the top 100 in the world for Mario Kart

Ben Carpenter’s Breakdown of Alan Aragon vs. Gary Taubes: [Side note: If you’re not already following Ben, then you probably should be –> Ben’s Facebook]  

Here’s Those Trolling Moments:

Taubes to Aragon: Taubes as his final slide plays the below clip of Aragon stating that he used carbohydrate restriction to get a client shredded on a tight timeframe (copyright NSCA, taken from Alan’s debate with Jeff Volek):

Aragon to Taubes: Alan trolls Gary by asking the audience who they’d pick to get them into the shape they wanted…

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