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SNR #43: Mike Israetel, PhD – All You Need To Know About Nutrient Timing

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SNR #43: Mike Israetel, PhD – All You Need To Know About Nutrient Timing

Episode 43: Dr. Mike Israetel is Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at UCM, a competitive powerlifter, grappler & bodybuilder and is the coach to many elite level athletes.

On the show we dive into nutrient timing; protein timing, protein distribution, leucine threshold, placement of carbohydrates and the hierarchy of importance for body composition change.

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Guest Bio

Mike Israetel, PhD

mike israetel 
Dr. Israetel earned his PhD in Sport Physiology at East Tennessee State University, where he also served as a strength coach and sport scientist to Division I Athletes. Mike’s educational background complements his experiences as a competitive powerlifter , grappler and bodybuilder. Michael is currently an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at the University of Central Missouri, as well consulting nutritional and training for elite strength and combat athletes around the world. Mike is the author of The Renaissance Diet, is the head science consultant for Renaissance Periodization and writes frequently for Juggurnaught Training Systems.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The 5 dietary factors, in order of importance, that will determine body composition change
  • Protein dosing & timing
  •  Protein distribution
  •  Muscle protein synthesis vs. muscle protein breakdown
  •  Where to place carbs: Mainly early? Carb back-load? Even distribution? PWO?
  •  Timing of fat intake & combining with carbohydrates
  •  Why fitness is important but so is laughing, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars!

Links & Resources

Click here to get the full text transcript of this episode

Renaissance Periodization

Mike’s book – The Renaissance Diet

The “pattern of protein intake” study I mentioned in the show

Episode 28 with Eric Helms

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