The Scale Paradox: A Comprehensive Guide on Using Bodyweight Data

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This is a guest post by Kevin Garde. For more info about Kevin, see the section below this article. Intro When it comes to the world of health and fitness, it is hard for many people to escape the notion that the number we see on a body weight scale provides the most important data point to being healthier and happier. And there is no shortage of conflicting views and controversy when it comes to opinions on the usefulness of scale weight. On an individual level, it often evokes a sense of negativity; as the displayed number leaves many both disheartened and demotivated. … Read More

Protein: Common Questions Answered

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Share this article on Facebook Arthur Lynch is a PhD candidate in muscle physiology at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Arthur coaches here at Sigma Nutrition, heading up our powerlifting coaching program. He is an international-level powerlifter, representing Ireland at the past 2 IPF world championships. Introduction It’s just over a year since this creatine FAQ article was published here on the sigma nutrition website. The aim of that particular article was to clarify confusion surrounding supplementation with creatine and it was very well received. As a result I decided to do a follow-up article addressed common questions and concerns around protein … Read More

Carbohydrate Periodization: Fuel For The Work Required

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This is a guest post by Mark Germaine. Mark is currently completing his MSc in Sport Nutrition at Liverpool John Moores University, where he is also working as a Performance Nutritionist with various weight-making athletes. He has an undergraduate degree in Sport Science and Health, and has presented his thesis at the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine Conference. Note from Mark: Before we get into this article, I’d just like to say that when myself and Danny agreed upon a topic, Impey et al. (2018) had not yet been published. This paper essentially encapsulates the body of research with regard to … Read More

Should You Restrict Caffeine Before Competition To Resensitize To It?

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I recently received an email from someone who had purchased the Sigma Weight Cutting System for MMA & Boxing, asking why I had advised athletes stop caffeine consumption in the final 7-10 days before competition. This is an interesting one because my stance has slightly changed on this matter in recent times. So I’d like to outline both my original thinking, and some opposing thoughts, in this piece. As you already likely know, caffeine is quite the stimulant. And its effects are very quickly noticeable. And the literature supporting it’s beneficial impacts on strength [1] [2], endurance [3] and sports performance [4] … Read More

A Better Paradigm for Health Professionals: The Biopsychosocial Renaissance

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This is a guest post by Aidan Mackey. Aidan is a coach, nutritionist and Strength & Conditioning student. You can find him at We have never had the level of access to information as we currently do in the modern world. And thankfully the importance of looking to evidence-based practice is an idea that is growing within the health & fitness industry. However, as positive as that may be, are we missing a piece of the puzzle? A piece that is related to some ideas put forth by psychiatrist George Engel about 40 years ago. The Biopsychosocial Model was originally formulated by … Read More

How to Build a Career in Nutrition Coaching

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For some reason enough people have seemingly deemed me to be “successful” enough to ask me for advice about starting a career in nutrition, usually via some version of one of the following questions: What nutrition course do you suggest I do? What qualifications do I need to work as a nutritionist? I’m a personal trainer/coach, what is the best way to improve my nutrition knowledge and/or my reputation as a nutrition coach? I currently work in a different field but want to transition to a career in nutrition. How should I go about this? Is it possible? I’d like to … Read More

Could Creatine Be an Effective Treatment for Age-Related Loss of Muscle?

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This is a guest post by Lee Bell. Lee has a MSc in exercise physiology and is a consultant lecturer, speaker and content writer. He is a published academic and professional writer and has delivered talks at a number of conferences including the COPA Growth medical conference in London. He is also involved in primary sport science research with other sport scientists across a number of institutions and is currently looking into neck health strategies in Rugby. He has lectured in sport science for a number of years and has also delivered training to hundreds of personal trainers and coaches as master … Read More

Is Slow & Steady Actually the Best Way to Diet? (Calorie Deficits #2)

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“Many people advise to lose weight at a steady and moderate rate, and recommend not cutting calories too low, in order to preserve muscle mass”. That’s a line taken from an email I was sent a few weeks back. And it perfectly exemplifies a piece of supposed common sense. And at first glance this makes some degree of logical sense, right? With a slower the rate of weight loss, theoretically, you might expect to have more of that weight loss coming from loss of body fat as opposed to lean tissue. And the more aggressive you diet the greater the degree of muscle … Read More

Drawing A Line In The Evidence-Based Sand

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There is a definite growth in the number of people in the health & fitness space talking about taking an ‘evidence-based’ approach to nutrition, training and health. Which can only be a good thing for the fitness industry. In fact, if more people were of the same mindset the incidence of dumb shit would decline significantly. But when we’re talking about approaches to nutrition and fitness, to what extent should we constrain possible strategies to employ? I mean, if we want to be evidence-based, how should we approach practices that could work but lack a meta-analysis of several randomized controlled trials? … Read More

Food Quality, IIFYM and Strawmen: Do Food Choices Even Matter?

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It’s Friday night and you’re just settling into relaxation mode for the weekend after a tough week at work. You rock into the kitchen to rustle up something to eat. You’ve narrowed it down to two meals you enjoy. Now it’s decision time… Sweet potato and coconut oil or ice cream? What’s the best choice? (The fact you’re reading this blog I’m going to assume you care about health and body composition) Does this seem like a ridiculous question? Do you think there’s one obvious choice? Or do you feel it doesn’t matter? I don’t think we can answer the … Read More

Gluten Revisited: Can I Eat That Sandwich?

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If you like this, please share! Click here to share this article on Facebook I’ve been pretty harsh on gluten in the past. Overly harsh in fact. Perhaps owing to the high percentage of anecdotal reports of people feeling better when wheat was removed as the main staple of their diet, I’ll confess that I may have been too quick to think it was surely the gluten. For someone with a background in science, this was a mistake that should not have been made. But hey, at least it proves that I’m human and not merely the research-reading robot that it may … Read More

What’s the ROI of Your Nutrition Choices?

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It was about half past 9 on a dark, cold week-night back in January 2009. I remember walking out of the small sports hall in the sports science building at the University of Limerick. My body was tired and slowly drudging along. But my mind was racing. I had just finished my first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class with Fergal Quinlan (black belt under Rodrigo Medeiros). I knew immediately that there was something special about the sport right then. I then became obsessed. Not just with thinking about BJJ but with the pursuit of improving. The milestone I set was my blue belt. In order … Read More

The Ridiculously Simple Guide to Sustainable Fat Loss

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Throw your eyes back to that title. It’s important and I want to clarify why. First, you’ll notice the word “simple”. Dieting should  NOT be complex, complicated or need insane amounts of willpower. In fact, one way to guarantee you fail is to base your plan solely on willpower. Second, notice the word “sustainable”. In a world where rapid, extreme, insane, or super-speed-mega-hyper results are revered, sustainable approaches are often rejected by dieters. They aren’t sexy enough. They don’t get amazing results in even more amazing time frames. This is a critical distinction between what I advise people on as opposed to … Read More

Eat More Fat, Burn More Fat: Myth, Magic or Metabolic Advantage?

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Enjoy this article? Click here to share on Facebook I’m sure you’ve probably came across that slogan before. If you eat more fat, you’ll burn more fat. Now, I’m all for people including plenty of fat in their diets. In fact, I’ve spoken many times about the problems that arise from “fat-deficient” diets. So please don’t go avoiding dietary fat.. However, telling people that they should “eat more fat to burn more fat” may be misleading. Not because you won’t “burn more fat” on a high-fat diet but because the practical implications of this are different to what most people will think of … Read More