[Vlog] Acute vs Chronic Stress: Cortisol & the HPA System

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[Vlog] Acute vs Chronic Stress: Cortisol & the HPA System


Stressors (work demands, lack of sleep, shift work, training, inadequate nutrition, etc.) can prevent people from progressing towards their goals.

Unfortunately we live in a world where a perfect stress-free environment is almost impossible to create. So the goal becomes to create a lifestyle that allows you to do the best with the hand you’ve been dealt.

Constant high levels of stress can lead to all sorts of problems.

First let’s take a step back though and consider our response to stress.

In the above video I discuss my thoughts on:

  • Acute stress & hormesis
  • Chronic stress & the HPA system
  • Is high cortisol your problem?
  • The 4 key areas of focus for limiting stress exposure